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Saltmarsh Accommodation, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Stunning upcycled gallery converted to holiday accommodation in Warrnambool

Saltmarsh, Warrnambool, Victoria I visited Saltmarsh several years ago and thought it was one of the most beautiful galleries I’d seen. A few weeks ago I recognised the building and location in a new guise and was just as impressed. Saltmarsh is now boutique holiday accommodation and, with the inventive Hancocks still at the helm, the […]
40 Alternatives to 'new stuff' buying at Christmas

40 Alternatives to ‘New Stuff’ Gift Buying at Christmas

Reducing Waste at Christmas Time Christmas can be a lovely time for friends and family to get together but the push to buy more and more ‘stuff’ is getting crazy. Bulging stores fill with extra stuff for Christmas. Advertising increases so people see new toys or gizmos they were perfectly happy without. Huge amounts of […]
Rustic industrial styling and succulents

Vintage industrial styling in a florist shop fitout

Albert Park, Melbourne Don’t you think flowers look fresh and lovely against a rustic background? I tripped over this little jewel of a shop on a Junk Map excursion and had to go back and take some pics for you. The first thing I noticed about The Green Room was the walls. They’re made from […]
Eltham house - building with recycled materials

30 years later this upcycled/vintage Eltham home is right on trend

Eltham, Victoria Collecting and tinkering never stops at this wonderful home in the Eltham hills. The property embraces the bowerbird tendencies of its owners, and evolves with the creative freedom of permanence and time. Living in one place for a lifetime has gone out of fashion but the personality all over this property shows the […]
Recycled timber cafe fitout

3 contemporary cafe designs starring recycled timber

Cafe design by Sasufi, Melbourne See if you recognise the cafes below. You may have seen pics in design magazines or social media, but I wanted to revisit them here because they align so well with the spirit of The Junk Map. Each fit out combines recycled materials, thoughtful design, and a low-footprint build to […]
Green kitchen

Old, new and smart ingredients: s2 design mixes a sustainable home renovation

Argyle, St Kilda Australians love renovating. A traditional facade and extension out the back has become the norm in many city suburbs. What’s unusual about this St Kilda property is how far the renovation deviates from conventional, white space, high-energy living. Argyle is the family home of architect David Saunders, from s2 design, and brings […]
Interior by Fox and Dinky

Foxing up a rental or bland interior with funky junk

Fox & Dinky house, Bendigo Bland is a dull word. Boring, colourless and lacking in character. And it’s a word that probably fits the majority of rental properties with their safe colour palettes and don’t-rock-the-boat fixtures. But, with some clever styling your rental pad doesn’t have to stay that way. Ash and Rustin, from art-furniture […]
Upcycled safe as workshop heater

Upcycling an old metal safe into a workshop heater

We have an inefficient fireplace in our living room (which is also my home office) so I’ve been dreaming about good heating and warm toes. When Jo posted this rustic repurposed heater in the Junk Map Facebook Group it caught my eye immediately. Could we do something like this at our place? Unfortunately not easily. Not in the house anyway. There are strict regulations around interior heating […]
Updating tile frieze with vinyl tiles

A budget bathroom makeover with stick-on vinyl tiles

Are Temporary Makeovers to Kitchens and Bathrooms a Waste of Time? 4 Reasons for Considering a Quickie. Renovation and investment media is full of cheap, quick-fix solutions to the most expensive rooms in the house. As a future buyer I don’t know how happy I’d be with some of them. Cosmetic changes with high VOC […]

Rustic autumn wedding for 50 guests for under $10,000

Emu Bottom Homestead I never craved a fancy wedding. A couple of witnesses in an attractive setting sounded perfect. Mike wanted to share the day with a larger group of family and friends so we raised the question of a wedding many times over the last 5 years, and always veered away from the cost […]
Salvaged building materials and vintage decor used at Treehouse bar and restaurant, North Sydney

Nostalgia and fantasy: A bar and restaurant interior with a sense of fun

Did you have a treehouse growing up? If you didn’t, I bet you wanted one. Built from scraps of timber (with varying levels of expertise), these ramshackle structures were forts, fairytale castles, pirate ships and playgrounds for lucky kids with a suitable climbing tree and tolerant parents. The owners of Treehouse wanted to bring that imagination and […]
Blackheath home, Blue Mountains, NSW

New buyers loved this salvaged restoration at first sight

Photographer Mandy Lamont fell for the serenity and beauty of this house on a brief drop-in. She was so impressed she tracked down the former owner to hear his story, and travelled all the way back to the Blue Mountains to photograph it for us! Blackheath home, Blue Mountains, NSW Photography and text by Mandy Lamont. In many ways this house […]
Upcycled workbench

Upcycled industrial fittings create a stylish, low footprint kitchen

Northcote residence, Melbourne Kitchens are often the most expensive renovation in a home. Taking an unconventional approach can cut costs, conserve resources and still deliver an attractive, functional space. With no budget for a kitchen in my first house I cleaned up an old, grease-covered workbench from Lost Ark that became an all-in-one work space, breakfast […]
Recycled timber in modern interiors

S2 design: Featuring recycled materials in modern interiors

S2 design, Melbourne Incorporating recycled elements in architecture and interior design is gaining momentum in Australia, and it’s a striking way to add personality and character to a contemporary space. David Saunders at S2 design is a Melbourne architect who is happily embracing sustainable design practices by including recycled or recyclable materials; focusing on energy […]
Stage 1, Lot 19, Castlemaine.

Vacant industrial lot upcycled to a busy art space and music venue

Lot 19, Castlemaine, Victoria What I like about this project is the capable, can-do approach to building whatever you need, with what you have at hand. Mark Anstey’s low-waste philosophy; keen eye for recycled materials; and love of art and music has shaken up the industrial end of Castlemaine for more than 10 years now. […]
Antares Iron Art Garden

Amazing art garden fashioned from discarded junk

Antares Iron Art Garden, Newstead, Victoria Roger McKindley’s sculpture garden is one of the most unusual, uniquely beautiful spaces I have ever seen. Several years ago we visited the strange and wonderful Watts Towers in Los Angeles. Italian immigrant, Simon Rodia, began building in the 1920s and spent 30 years quietly crafting giant steel, cement […]
Garden and studio of sculptor Theo Koning, Fremantle, Western Australia

Creative spaces: Sculptor Theo Koning’s Fremantle studio

A recycled studio and art practice Sculptor Theo Koning sees treasure everywhere. His garden studio is bursting with boxes and containers of useful junk which he collates into simple stories and found-object artworks. The day I visited every surface held a collection of thoughts; neat arrangements of works in progress; or fabulous shapes, textures and […]

Derelict shearing shed converted to farm-stay accommodation

Beermullah Farm, Gingin, Western Australia I just love this project. The farm belongs to friends of ours and we stayed in the new building for the first time over the Christmas break. I woke up with the birds and, trust me, watching dawn slide over the paddocks from a warm bed in a tin shed […]

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