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For information on business profiles or advertising on The Junk Map please visit the Join The Junk Map page.

Submissions to The Junk Map

We love to hear from upcyclers, builders and design professionals who are creating something a little different with secondhand materials. We can’t run a story on every project but do read all submissions.

At present we’re focusing on Australian Artists, Buildings, Interiors and Adaptive Reuse but we’ll add more categories soon. We’re also happy to hear about junk-related events.

To submit something you’ve been working on please send a handful of photos and a brief background to with the subject line Junk Map Submission. We’ll get back to you for more details if it’s a story we’d like to publish. Please note publication of photos requires permission from the photographer or copyright holder.

Have a buy/sell question?

Each shop, designer or salvage yard profiled on The Junk Map has contact details on their page. Please contact sellers directly with sales or service questions.

If you’re demolishing a building that has reusable materials this post may help:
How to Recycle Building Materials from your House Demolition.

If you’re trying to sell or give away used furniture this post may help:
The Ultimate Guide to Selling or Giving Away Used Furniture in Australia.

Have another question?

Please note The Junk Map does not buy or sell goods. If you have a more general query please email your question and location in the contact form below.

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