Reach Local, Interstate and Commercial Customers That Are Actively Looking for Secondhand Materials and Repurposing Help

There are many ways to grow your reach and reputation online. The Junk Map is just one option, but for the right businesses it’s a really successful collaboration.

“One of my commercial commissions came via a London design firm who found me on Junk Map.”

Sometimes it’s not about reaching thousands of people, but finding those who appreciate what you do and have the budget to pay for it.

The Junk Map is a reference hub for home owners, renovators, builders, architects, furniture makers and design professionals who see potential in secondhand materials. We help them find salvage experts to buy from, and makers and services to assist with repurposing plans.

The Junk Map is a trusted resource, so the business owners we work with often secure commercial contracts as well as domestic trade. Junk Map editor, Lara Knight, is also asked for recommendations on everything from deconstruction crews to junk-friendly tradies.

If you sell or work with recycled materials, our audience is looking for you.

Huge salvage yards, out-of-the-way secondhand shops, and solo makers all receive engaged customers from The Junk Map

Secondhand windows at Renovators Paradise in Melbourne

“Renovators Paradise has been on The Junk Map since 2014. Over the years we’ve invested heavily in online sales and Junk Map sends consistent traffic to both website and warehouse. It’s another door to our business that’s always open and actively promotes what we do.”

Simon Hughes – Renovators Paradise, Melbourne
Average 2035 profile views a month.*
Business profile since 2014.

Timbersearch recycled timber, Woodend, Victoria

“It’s very cool to see all this vintage and recycled material getting a second life. My business, Timbersearch, has had plenty of clients contact me after visiting Junk Map. I intend to remain on Lara’s data base for as long as it is offered.”

Peter Barnard – Timbersearch, Woodend 
Average 578 profile views a month.*
Business profile since 2015.

Werribee Zoo, table made by Raw Boards

“We just landed another job for these guys. It’s the design and construction of a grand entry for the Australian section of the zoo.

By the way, we’re landing these bigger clients through The Junk Map. I know first contact from our local council here was via your site. 80% of our trade last year.”

Linton Torr – Raw Boards, Bendigo
Average 38 profile views a month.*
Business profile since 2016.

Perth salvage and antique collectables, Rustic Gallery, Perth

“Doing business with The Junk Map has had a very positive effect upon my business.”

Rob O’Brien – Rustic Gallery, Perth
Average 328 profile views a month.*
Business profile since 2015.

*All page view stats: 8 Nov 2020 to 8 Nov 2021

Extend your creative revenue and reputation

Makers who are on the tools all day run out of energy for marketing. You’re busy creating and you’d love someone outside the workshop to write copy, edit photographs and sell your work to potential customers.

Marketing yourself is slow. Employing a marketing team is expensive.

The Junk Map offers flexible, affordable marketing for upcyclers including business profiles, Youtube videos, project stories, social shares, banner ads and targeted social media advertising.

Tread Sculptures 
Melbourne 2015–2022

The Junk Map manages Tread Sculptures’ business profile, monthly Facebook ads and website. In the following video Tim shares how extra help has grown his art practice year after year.

Add another door to your business

The biggest shift during COVID lockdowns was online. Work, school, telehealth, video conferencing, virtual concerts, shopping, exercise – if it was possible to do remotely, people tried it. And liked it. Internet use is growing faster than ever before.

“Your site is great but is limited mainly to Victoria with a bit of Sydney, Canberra etc, but up here we are desperate for a guide such as yours. Have you thought about extending your geographical range up into northern NSW and Qld. We need you. There are plenty of amazing creative building projects going on but it’s not that easy to find great sources for home renos etc.” – Annette

For secondhand dealers and upcyclers, now’s the time to strengthen your online presence and engage with customers where THEY are. Build doors for customers on platforms they use.

Business profiles on The Junk Map start at $35/month.

If you run a salvage yard, secondhand shop, maker practice or service that specialises in repurposing materials (deconstruction, restoration, building, landscaping, carpentry etc), we’d love you to join us.

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