Unique accommodation
luxury accommodation warrnambool

Stunning upcycled gallery converted to luxury accommodation, Warrnambool

Saltmarsh Accommodation, Warrnambool, Victoria I visited Saltmarsh several years ago and thought it was one of the most beautiful galleries I’d seen. A few weeks ago I recognised the building and location in a new guise and was just as impressed. Saltmarsh is now luxury holiday accommodation and, with the inventive Hancocks still at the helm, […]
Interior by Fox and Dinky

Foxing up a rental or bland interior with funky junk

Fox & Dinky house, Bendigo Bland is a dull word. Boring, colourless and lacking in character. And it’s a word that probably fits the majority of rental properties with their safe colour palettes and don’t-rock-the-boat fixtures. But, with some clever styling your rental pad doesn’t have to stay that way. Ash and Rustin, from art-furniture […]

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