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Businesses and creative people around the world are saving and celebrating all kinds of junk. Here are some of our favourites. Click the photo or link to visit their website and see more.

Upcycled wall mural by Bordalo II

Bordalo II – Lisbon

3D upcycled wall murals and street art by Portugese artist Artur Bordalo. Bordalo II combines scrap metal, old tyres, discarded appliances and all kinds of rubbish into colourful collages.

Upcycled sculpture by John Lopez

John Lopez Studio – Dakota

Heather Jansch driftwood horses

Heather Jansch – UK

“It was like line drawing with wood”. Beautiful driftwood horse sculptures.

Upcycled shipping container by Cal Lane

Cal Lane – New York State

Sculptor Cal Lane transforms waste metal like shipping containers and car bodies into lacy decorative patterns.

Upcycled lighting by Garbage

Garbage – France

Decorative upcycled lighting from items like kettles, colanders and pots.

dasparkhotel - Germany

dasparkhotel – Germany

Unusual “pay as you wish” park hotel made from repurposed drain pipes.

James Corbett Sculpture from old car parts

James Corbett – Australia

Sculptures from recycled car parts and scrap metal.

Upcycled computer component insects by Julie Alice Chappell

Julie Alice Chappell – UK

Sayaka Ganz Upcycled Sculpture

Sayaka Ganz – Indiana

Sculptures made from recycled household plastics and scrap metal.

Boris Bally furniture from recycled road signage

Boris Bally – Rhode Island

Colourful recycled road signage in statement furniture, murals and art installations.

Tiles from recycled skateboard decks, Art of Board

Art of Board – California

Vibrant wall and floor tiles from recycled skateboard decks.

Zoe Murphy upcycled furniture

Zoe Murphy – UK

A printmaker revitalising mid twentieth century furniture with bright colours and patterns.

Urban Remains – Chicago

Reclaimed Space – Austin

Rocky Mountains Hardware from post consumer recycled bronze

Rocky Mountain Hardware – Idaho

Specialty door, window and cabinet hardware in post-consumer recycled bronze. Hand cast and hand finished in a range of patina finishes.

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