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Timber Offcut Challenge: Among The Trees, Sydney

Tahlia – September 2022

I’m always amazed at what creatives can do when given a challenge. 

Among The Trees, a recycled timber store and workshop in Sydney, put the challenge out to their local community to see what they can craft from a crate of timber offcuts that would otherwise to go waste. 

The entries are an amazing range of wonderfully weird and beautifully crafted wooden pieces. From a desk light to a tortilla press, the range of entries created from timber offcuts shows that with a little creativity and thought we can minimise what goes into landfill. 

The competition had three award categories; 

  • Function : A creation that fulfills a purpose or solves a problem
  • Creativity : Awarded for use of imagination & aesthetic appeal
  • Peoples Choice Award: Public vote for their favourite creation.  
Timber Offcut collection
Timber Offcut
timber offcuts
Timber Offcut

Timber Offcuts into a Folding Beach Chair

Winner : Functional Category

A foldable beach chair made from reclaimed timber offcuts and reclaimed copper for the hinges. Made by Hugo Vos  and Jake Wilson in a team effort, they designed the hardware and mechanism themselves. The inside of the chair was charred black and then buffed. 


Timber Offcut Chair Design
timber offcut folding chair
timber offcut folding chair
upcycled timber offcut
Timber offcut chair
upcycled timber offcut

Timber Offcuts to Tortilla Press!

Winner : Creativity Category

Tortilla press made from reclaimed timber offcuts from Among The Trees, reclaimed hardware (hinges) and a broken clothes hanger. This piece was designed by Ingrid Errington to resemble a Willy Wagtail with a beak between the hinges and the lever for pressing or holding the press open which stands upright mimicking the wagtail. 


Timber offcut tortilla press
timber offcut tortilla press

Wooden spatulas from reclaimed decking offcuts.


Timber offcut birdbox
Timber offcut table
Timber offcut table

Timber offcuts to tea cabinet with drawers :  Outer old spotted gum flooring, fence post offcuts for the handles and drawer fronts and new guinea rosewood offcuts for the cabinetry. 


timber offcut drawer
Timber offcut drawer
Timber offcut cabinet

Among The Tree’s goal is to prevent discarded and preloved timber from going to landfill and they have done a wonderful job with this event!

The ATT team are experts in all things recycled timber, read more about their woodwork classes and recycled timber workshop at AmongTheTrees.com.au .

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