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  1. Marty Reynolds

    Hi ,
    I have a house that has slate roof , old red bricks and plenty of wooden windows ,doors etc. Old kitchen
    Im looking to sell these when its time to leave the property
    What is the best way ?
    We will have about 3 mths to do this.


  2. Helmut Gensen

    Hi – we’re full-time working couple (with three little dogs) looking for a builder for our 60sqm backyard studio and loft in Fairfield West 2210, using recycled & new materials. The plan is to build an L-shape decking with an open ceiling structure, and five French double doors that open onto a veranda – by mid 2020. Lida & Helmut

  3. Tania Potts

    Wanting to build from second hand materials and found this site. We are just over the border in Queensland. Any salvage yards up this way?

  4. Hi Tania
    Here is my list of Qld salvage yards. May not have all of them and many are in Brisbane but hope it’s a start.
    Have fun finding what you need!

  5. Hi Helmut
    I want to be able to answer this question with some recommendations. It’s where I’d like to get Junk Map in the future but at present I don’t know any builders in Sydney. I’d suggest contacting some of the recycled timber specialists on here https://www.thejunkmap.com.au/portfolio/recycled-timber-specialists-in-nsw/ and asking them for suggestions. Timber guys are usually helpful and builders that regularly purchase recycled timber from them may be receptive to combining old and new for you. Hope that gives you a starting point. I had a quick google around and can see why you’re struggling to find companies to contact. The internet doesn’t always give you a quick answer when it comes to recycled materials!
    Best of luck finding the right team. I’d love to see what you end up building.

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