Will your secondhand business lose or gain customers in 2020?

Dealing in secondhand goods is time consuming. Finding, curating and selling recycled goods takes all your energy and you don’t have much left over to grow your business.

Especially if it involves internet marketing and learning how to do it.

But... most of Australia keeps a smart phone in their pocket. In 2020 and beyond, digital authority will become more and more vital. Businesses that keep up will reach customers first.

It’s that simple. So, which ‘online stuff’ should you spend time on?

Most of it gives you a headache. We get it. Building a website attracts spammy calls about search engine optimisation. Social media platforms rise and change and you’re not sure what to post or where. Marketing a secondhand business online can seem complicated and confusing.

The good news is that, like your junk collection, pulling the right pieces together over time will build your reputation and expand your client base.

And many of the first steps are free. We created an easy-to-follow guide for secondhand and salvage businesses that includes
6 Ways to Build Your Reputation and Client Base Without a Large Marketing Budget.

Reaching Customers Online: 6 Ways to Build Your Reputation and Client Base Without a Large Marketing Budget

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