Two amazing junk antique shops in Perth for rusty metal and collectables

antique shops perth
Antique shops perth
Antique shops perth
Antique shops Perth

Rustic Gallery

Ph 08 9274 1129
or 0427 193 870

Shop 19 Clayton Street, Bellevue, Perth, Western Australia
Open HoursMonday to Wednesday 10am – 5pm, Thursday 11am – 5pm, Friday and Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm
Shop 215 Edward Street, Bellevue, Perth, Western Australia
Open HoursFriday & Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm
PropsRustic Gallery will consider a props buy/return deal with professional groups and associations if negotiated beforehand.

About Rustic Gallery

Rust heaven! This is one of Australia’s most inspiring collections of rusty metal, now filling two Bellevue stores just around the corner from each other. Stock ranges from antique farm machinery and tools to household collectables and upcycled garden art. (Larger furniture and machinery is stored at the Edward Street store, but visit both for the true Rustic Gallery experience.)

It’s impossible to take photos at Rustic Gallery that capture each collection and vintage treasure. There’s too much stock. Items range from floor to ceiling in beautifully sorted layers, like a shelf of antique bottles or a wall of industrial packing crates. There are also cute upcycled creatures and garden art all over the yard. You really need time to explore here.

Rob O’Brien began Rustic Gallery because visitors kept enquiring about the antique farm machinery he used to decorate his property. Years later he is the king of rusty gold in Western Australia and his meticulous collection has become a destination for film crews, landscape designers, artists and junk lovers of all kinds.

I LOVE this place. Given free reign with a credit card (and a larger house) I’d easily fill the car and trailer with rusty cogs, wheels, old trunks, farmhouse collectables and vintage tools. You’ll also find garagenalia, signage, garden furniture, vintage toys and intriguing finds from sheds and clearance sales all over WA.

Genuine rust takes time. The best stock at Rustic Gallery has taken generations to develop the patina and history that makes it valuable. As the numerous handwritten signs say: don’t haggle and expect to pay a fair price for items that have been hand picked, transported, sorted and displayed in what I think is a magical shopping experience.

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