BENDIGO: Period home strip outs to remove recyclable materials before demolition

Pre-demolition strip out for reusable building materials by Renovate Restore Recycle, Bendigo
Period home stripped of recyclable materials prior to demolition by Renovate Restore Recycle, Bendigo
Stripping out a period door for recycling, Renovate Restore Recycle, Bendigo
Pre demolition strip out by Renovate Restore Recycle

Renovate Restore Recycle

LocationBendigo, Victoria

About Renovate Restore Recycle

If you’re demolishing a period home near Bendigo that has good quality flooring, windows and architectural features, don’t let them go to waste. Have them removed and recycled. Renovate Restore Recycle collects reusable building materials and ships them to new projects around Australia.

What is a pre-demolition strip out?

A pre-demolition strip out means removing by hand all building materials and fittings that can be recycled or reused. Renovate Restore Recycle takes out flooring, sub-flooring, windows, doors, entries and mantelpieces. They don’t touch roofing. The building is left structurally solid so it won’t fall over before the next stage of demolition.

After a strip out, machinery demolition can be fast because the building is easy to crush. There’s also less rubble to remove so you save on landfill fees.

The best part? Renovate Restore Recycle can even pay you for special salvage items. All payments are made in cash on the day the strip out is scheduled.

If you’re interested in Renovate Restore Recycle’s recycling services please email Christian Bloomfield with a selection of house photos including:
– The front facade of the house
– Any rooms with timber flooring
– Doors and windows
Or, if the house is still listed on a real estate site you can provide a link to photos there.

Saving materials from demolition can be your contribution to a circular economy. It helps the environment by reducing the amount of new materials required in other builds. It supports local businesses that provide labour, transport and recycling services. And small pieces of Australian heritage live on in other projects. We hope more and more building plans include a strip out, or partial deconstruction, before crush machinery rolls in.

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