Peace Lily Mattress Review: A Super Comfortable Non Toxic Latex Mattress Delivered in Australia at an Affordable Price

Latex Mattress

We run a second hand and salvage directory and that’s where our heart is. But occasionally a new item is a smart, durable investment. We loved this pure latex mattress in a box so much we applied to promote it!

Lara Knight – 13 December, 2021
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In our household it’s rare to find new furniture. We use Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, second hand stores and salvage yards to buy or sell most things second hand.

But waking up with middle-aged aches and pains sparked a hunt for a supportive, well designed mattress. And if we were considering new, it needed to fit our low waste, better for the planet, better for us criteria.

We try to use non toxic paints and oils, timber, metal and natural fibres in our home so I was keen to keep that going in the bedroom. Many brand new mattresses use combinations of polyurethane, glues and chemical flame retardants that release unfriendly VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Sleeping in a soup of chemicals was unappealing so I began researching natural latex.

First I looked for second hand mattresses. We’ve bought several latex items over the years and they last forever as mattresses or cut up for chair cushions. But we couldn’t find latex in a king size. (Note: if you do buy latex second hand, check that it’s pure latex and not a cheap blend.)

Then I looked at bedding stores where king size latex mattresses were scarily expensive, even on sale!

Eventually I found Peacelily, an Australian latex mattress in a box business with home delivery and very reasonable prices.

Here is our Peace Lily latex mattress review after 9 months of super comfortable use

What we ordered 

Peace Lily Mattress – Free shipping, 25 year warranty, 100 night trial, 100% natural latex rubber, GOTS certified 100% organic cotton fabric and wadding, adjustable firmness (medium or firm).

Peace Lily Mattress Topper Luxury Plush – Free shipping, 10 year warranty, 100 night trial, 100% natural latex rubber.

We didn’t order them but Peace Lily also make Kapok and Latex Pillows

Peace Lily mattress delivery in Australia

Peace Lily mattresses are tightly rolled and delivered in a big cardboard box on wheels. Inside the box the mattress was waterproofed with a long length of plastic, which became rubbish, but we recycled the cardboard and my husband reused the sturdy box wheels and handle on another project.

The mattress and topper just needed to be unpacked, unrolled and laid out on the bed frame to decompress. There were no nasty fumes, just a very faint natural smell like dry summer grass.

Pure latex mattress comfort

We swapped from a sagging old pillowtop mattress so the Peace Lily mattress and topper felt quite firm on the first lie down. But when we slept on it the combination dipped easily at hip and shoulder and stayed supremely comfortable all night. We LOVE it.

In a king size there is hardly any disturbance or bouncing from the other side (even from a wide shouldered, heavy rolling 183cm husband). And the latex doesn’t overheat and make you hot.

There is also no need to flip the mattress or topper because latex deters moisture and is naturally resistant to mildew and mites.

Peace Lily has included reinforced fabric handles on both sides of the mattress for occasional moves. But, like most serious mattresses, latex is heavy and awkward to lift so may not be ideal if you move regularly.

Latex mattress and topper price

A king sized Peace Lily latex mattress and latex topper delivered to Western Australia was just over $2000, thousands of dollars less than big chain latex offers.

Peace Lily publish their materials, production and transport costs on the website so you can see they have a fair profit margin. For this level of comfort and non toxic materials we were very happy with the price.

Durability and sustainability

Peace Lily offer a 25 year mattress warranty which blitzes most standard 10 year warranties. How great not to worry about bedding for several decades!

Peace Lily marketing says the mattress and topper are biodegradable when they finally wear out. They also say the rubber is produced in Sri Lanka using Forest Stewardship Council (FTC) certified plantations and each rubber tree can be tapped for 30 years.

The verdict

We were very pleased with quick online ordering, delivery to our door, and a fantastically comfortable sleep. So we’re happy to spread the word. When a young Australian company takes on the establishment and delivers great service and an excellent product they deserve to be rewarded.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping and quality sleep keeps our bodies healthy. If we choose mattress options that aren’t toxic and aren’t a disposal nightmare at end of life that’s hopefully better for the planet. Try Peace Lily’s 100 day trial and give pure latex a whirl.

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