Adding Online Doors for Customers is the Safest Way Forward in 2020

2020 lockdowns forced change. Millions of businesses are still adjusting so if you’re feeling unsettled about the rest of the year you’re not alone.

Conditions are different but you can adapt

The Junk Map has encouraged junk businesses to broaden their online presence since 2013. Change takes time but this year we were extremely pleased to see junk mappers surviving lockdown. After a brief dip, online traffic continued and salvage yards, timber suppliers and creatives were able to talk to customers and make sales during the biggest economic shake-up of our time.

Moving forward

The positives for secondhand and upcycling businesses for the rest of 2020 include plenty of local stock, no import or export complications, and a percentage of Australia keen to resume building, renovations and normal life as fast as possible.

What we can’t rely on is before-virus conditions.  

  • There is ongoing financial stress for many Australians.
  • Lockdowns could resume if cases spike again.
  • Internet use is higher than ever before.
  • Home delivery of just about everything has become normal.

Acknowledging change and staying in front of customers is the smartest way to future-proof your business. 

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