Home Owners, Builders, Makers, Design Pros - is The Junk Map audience your market?

Does your business align with The Junk Map's passion for salvage, reuse and recycling?

Do we reach your target market?

The Junk Map is a niche hub that attracts a creative audience of design professionals, home owners, renovators, builders and makers. 

In 2018, our business profiles and supporting posts received 123,000 unique visitors and 312,000 page views. 

60% of visitors were female. 70% of visitors were aged 25-54.

 We have 18,000+ Facebook followers, 4,000+ newsletter subscribers, and options to reach our audience on multiple platforms.

Sponsorship, editorial, social...? 

For the last year we have been doing a monthly Facebook promotion through The Junk Map. We have our studio and sculpture trail open on the first weekend of every month, and Junk Map runs a Facebook promotion for us in the week prior. It has been so effective that it easily accounts for at least 60% of the visitors we get through our studio on those weekends.

There are many ways these promotions can be done, and a number of ways particular demographics can be targeted. Lara and the The Junk Map team are always fine tuning and actively testing how to get the best results.

At the end of each promotion we are provided with accurate statistics on how the promotion unfolded.

The Junk Map plays an integral part in our business, not just in our advertising but in our exposure through the website. They have been, and will continue to be, an important part in our growth and success.

Tim Read
Tread Sculptures

Getting your message in front of the right audience is the first step in effective marketing. If you think your business would be a good match for Junk Map advertising, editorial content or other collaborations, please email lara@thejunkmap.com.au. 

NOTE: If you're interested in a standard Junk Map profile of your salvage, vintage or maker business with photos and links, CLICK HERE.

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