9 Trends To Watch For Australian Secondhand Dealers

Retail may be slow in Australia at the moment but I spent a little time on Google Trends today and the good news is people are showing increasing interest in the junk industry. Google Trends is a broad-view tool that looks at search volume for a subject over time and it’s a great way to explore the latest buzz words or search terms for your industry.

As you can see below, new words like ‘upcycled’ or new combinations like ‘vintage industrial’ are gaining popularity. If you haven’t updated your marketing for a while you might want to include some of these terms to catch those customers who love to be at the forefront of fashion.

A word of warning though. As you can see from the keyword research box at the bottom of the post, rising trends don’t mean the old terms are totally out. Thousands of people are still searching for ‘second hand’ every month. The advantage of mixing in newer keywords is there is less competition for that search term because many of your colleagues aren’t using it yet. Less competition means higher search rankings and a chance your website/article/page actually reaches a potential customer.

Here are a few of the search terms I’ve been looking into for The Junk Map.

Salvage yard


Recycled timber

Recycled furniture

Industrial furniture

Vintage furniture

Vintage industrial

Second hand furniture

Rustic furniture

Don’t forget the exact match keyword data. Below is an example of the average monthly searches in Australia for used furniture terms from Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

Secondhand keyword searches

If your website doesn’t get anywhere near the front page of Google for ‘second hand furniture’ there are plenty of other combinations to try for long tail searches. Long tail means smaller, more specific searches like ‘vintage kitchen chairs’ or ‘recycled timber stools’. Less customers may be searching for chairs but you have more chance of connecting with them.

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